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motorkote ultimate

MotorKote Ultimate 40/60 Synthetic Hyper Mix 5W-30

MotorKote® Ultimate™ is designed for constant MotorKote® protection. This advanced formulation includes MotorKote® Hyper Lubricant® plus the highest quality full synthetic 5W-30 MotorKote® Supreme Max™ engine oil. This ILSAC GF-5 approved synthetic motor oil for gasoline engines meets or exceeds the most current API SN licensed manufacturer specifications. These specs are also backwards compatible with all older API gas powered engine specifications such as SM, SL and SJ.

• Reduces friction & heat

• Helps improve fuel economy

• Provides superior engine wear protection & detergent cleaning capabilities

• Helps keep surfaces free of deposits & sludge buildup

• Helps protect against thermal breakdown

This product is fully compatible with all other MotorKote® products and with all gasoline formulated motor oils including regular (conventional), synthetic and synthetic blends.


Replace 2 quarts of oil with one full (2 qt) bottle of MotorKote® Ultimate™ each oil change. Every 3rd oil change, add the traditional MotoKote® Hyper Lubricant Treatment, 2 oz per quart, plus MotorKote® Ultimate™ for Ultimate MotorKote® protection. Adding MotorKote Ultimate makes regular (conventional) motor oil a semi synthetic blend and will maintain synthetic oil when used every oil change. It can also be used as a 100% motor oil replacement.