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1,89 л Motorkote Diesel Anti-Gel + Conditioner

anti gel product

MotorKote Anti-Gel and Conditioner is highly concentrated and formulated to prevent fuel from Gelling in cold temperatures and works an excellent Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) supplement


• Replaces Lost Lubricity
• Displaces Water in Fuel
• Improves Combustion
• Increases Power
• contains no alcohol or harmful solvents
• Compatible with all Filters including Particulate
• Reduces Blow-by & Helps Smooth Idle


• Safe and Effective with Bio Diesel and ULSD.
• Passenger Vehicles or Pickups use 1 oz per 2.5 Gal in all temperatures.
• Semi Trucks use 1 oz per 2.5 Gal of fuel below 0 F, use 1 oz per 5 Gal above 0 F
• Highly recommended with MotorKote Hyper Lubricant