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16oz MotorKote Fuel Optimizer


Fuel quality from just a few years ago has deteriorated. The introduction of lower octane substitutes, increased ethanol and fuel falling out of solution has left drivers with an uneasy feeling at the pump. Most fuels are manufactured to "generally good performance in most cars".

MOTORKOTE fuel optimizer was formulated to off-set the diminishing quality of fuel and remove harmful deposits that rob your injectors of power and performance. Helps your fuel burn CLEANER AND HOTTER for better fuel economy and performance.

It goes in the fuel tank in both gas and diesel engines and cleans your fuel system.

Also an Excellent solution for marine equipment, motorcycles and all 2-4 stroke engines.


  • Helps fight and remove condensation, bacteria and algae in fuel tanks
  • Raises octane
  • Decreased Ignition Delay
  • Reduces carbon build up the cause of: Pre-ignition, power loss, burned valves, broken rings
  • Fights gelling and waxingAdds horsepower and torque
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Cleans injectors to Reduce: Power loss, hesitations, pinging/dieseling, loss of fuel economy

MOTORKOTE fuel optimizer is safe for use in all catalytic converters.


Add 1 oz per 10 gal of gasoline every 3rd to 4th fill-up on most passenger vehicles. Larger (Diesel) engines use same amount every fill-up. 2 oz. per gal of fuel prior to storing equipment or fuel tanks for season. 2 Stroke mixtures add 1 oz of Fuel Optimizer following 2 stroke & Fuel mix.

Can be used with MotorKote Low Sulfur Lube in Diesel engines, alternate products between fill-ups.